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LAUNCHPAD is a technologically advanced test and assessment authoring platform that is the most flexible, applicant-friendly, and compliant way to build and deploy tests globally - at scale.

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Launchpad makes it easy to:

Design and manage a testing program that is customized to your needs. LAUNCHPAD is different from ordinary testing platforms because it provides the flexibility you need to -



Custom Tests and job application workflows using a comprehensive library of item types - including cognitive games, and video.



LAUNCHPAD does more than just building tests, it is a job based system that allows users to attach tests to job requisitions and is easily integrated into ATSs.



LAUNCHPAD offers a variety of fully customizable reporting features, including: competency based reports, applicant comparison tables, and both standard and custom applicant reports.



LAUNCHPAD allows users to create custom dashboards and access a full slate of psychometric data such as test and item statistics.



LAUNCHPAD can combine test products from multiple vendors into one experience and report with features like Single Sign On, integrated reporting, privacy that keeps scoring only on the vendor platform, and the ability to add your own custom content.

Who is Launchpad for?

Anyone who is frustrated by the lack of flexible, accessible, and affordable test authoring systems

  • Anyone who wants to build custom tests for hiring, certification, and training
  • Anyone who wants to surprise and delight applicants with a branded, job relevant assessment experience
  • I/O Psychologists who don’t have access to a flexible and affordable authoring system
  • Talent Acquisition professionals who want to partner with a test development firm to create truly unique customized assessment experiences
  • Anyone who wishes to integrate multiple 3rd party testing platforms into a single user experience.
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Why Launchpad?

Applicant Experience

Better Applicant Experience

LAUNCHPAD lets you create fully customized assessment experiences that go beyond the norm. Don’t just build tests, build experiences using branching logic, video, audio and gamified tests. LAUNCHPAD’s computer adaptive testing engine lets you build shorter tests without compromising measurement power.

Custom Branded

Mobile First and Custom Branded

LAUNCHPAD is mobile first, and supports a fully customized applicant facing UI/UX that allows you to build custom branded experiences. Our designers can help you bring your employment brand to life!


Unparalleled Flexibility

LAUNCHPAD lets you do it your way! Easily build custom reports and dashboards, change languages (for both test items and the admin portal) and import your own test content. Launchpad also offers easy integration with outside platforms such as ATS, video interviewing, and third party test vendors.

Rocket Hire

Supported By Testing Experts

LAUNCHPAD was built by the testing experts at Rocket-Hire - an I/O Psychology consulting firm with over two decades of experience building assessments for global enterprise companies. LAUNCHPAD makes it easy to partner with Rocket-Hire to build high quality, innovative testing programs.

Build Tests Your Way

LAUNCHPAD offers you ultimate flexibility via a full toolbox of item types and test functionalities, including:

Mobile Screens
  • Video and audio capture
  • Video and audio stimulus
  • Slider bars
  • Likert scales
  • Open ended text
  • Video interviews
  • Branching SJTs
  • Assessment centers
  • Full access to AON/Hewitt’ssuite of assessment tools

Through our content partnership with AON - LAUNCHPAD is proud to offer the latest in cognitive assessments and personality assessments. These quality tools can be trusted time and again to deliver results and can be integrated directly into LAUNCHPAD’s delivery, scoring, and reporting functions.

Our Story

At Rocket-Hire we have spent over two decades building assessments for all types of use cases across the globe. We have had extensive experience integrating our assessments into various platforms and assessment technology systems and became increasingly frustrated with these systems’ high cost and lack of flexibility. As Rocket-Hire began to design and develop our own line of tests we found that there were simply no options out there for us. So we created an alternative that allowed us the freedom to build quality tests that are an exact match for our clients’ needs. We are happy to share our platform with others who want to build tests their way!

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